More Than a List of Flaws

this too shall pass

About me

My name is Simon, often called Nithou, a contraction of an old nickname that stayed over time. I was born in Belgium but live now in Paris (France) and working as what I call UX Whatever in a start-up.

UX Whatever because my job evolved so much over the years and I had to handle so much different parts of projects that I'm not sure anymore if I'm a designer, researcher or anything else. The thing that is the most close to my current job is Product Designer, with a strong accent on user research and testing.

I blog in quite an irregular fashion, mostly about some thoughts that cross my mind, about design or about my life as a gay man. Sometimes I might also speak about growing up with depression. Or on the lighter side about gaming and books.

On the side, I wrote to books: Temps Volés & Lettres à un étranger both self edited through Amazon!

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