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I loved this thing from the old web (Pepperidge Farm Remembers™) where you shared the links to things you loved, found useful / unique. So here's my little selection




Having an hyperactive brain prone to forget at lot of things, Obsidian is litteraly saving my live. It contains my note about everything from the books I read to my work notes, but also this blog's posts, health informations, thoughts in construction, ... All synchronised through my different systems



A little tool available on a wide range of systems (even on my Miyoo Mini+) that allows me to sync folders between computers without having to go through some external computers or companies. This little tool helps me synchronise everything everywhere (all at once)



I was bored of having to switch keyboard and mouse through all my computers and Steamdeck. This little tool creates a link between your devices allowing you to keep your keyboard and mouse and simpling switch device by reaching a border of your screen and moving to another device



I spent years on Goodreads but left because I was bored of the website not evolving and, even worse, removing functionalities I used and liked. I tried a lot of other apps but set my home in Hardcover. It provides a great interface, great user experience and has so many plans for the future! It's one of the website where I became a suscriber 30 minutes into it.



While ChatGPT is great, Koala is a very nice open alternative that does a great job when you have to write posts, informations, ...


(FR) Programme des Expos à Paris


When I'm bored the weekend, this little website gives me a great overview of everything that can be done / discovered in Paris

Gaming On Linux


The greatest blog about games on Linux and therefore on SteamDeck. Stayed true to the core, provide great content and doesn't drown you in ads! A great job!

Retro Game Corp


I love retrogaming and fan-made games, a year ago I started to fall into the modern retro handhelds hole and since then Retro Game Corp has been a great and unique source of informations and hacks!


(FR) Matoo


One of the blog I follow for years and that stayed in all my RSS Readers. Matoo is a ray of sunshine writing about his life, a unique and warm person

Seth's Blog


Mostly I hate marketing, especially because marketing is badly done by 80% of the people supposed to do this job. But Seth Godin is a master in this domain and always provides great insights, thoughts and learnings! I miss such marketing spirt.

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