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August 26th, 2023

I always loved tinkering. As far as I can remember, I see myself buildings things with blocks of woods or Lego, taking my father's tools to build a cabin in a tree (well, in my head at least it was one), trying to get things to work by reading their manuals, discovering new functionalities and trying them on.

At around 12 years old I had the chance to enroll in some side scientific experiments classes. That's when I discovered I could also tinker with a lot more things in chemistry, physics, ... This lead to pretty funny experiments (depending on who you were asking at the time) like putting stone stairs on a blue fire, creating a smoking effect with a ping pong wall, ...

Then I discovered computers. There was something quite magical about those machines that attracted me. Like a realm of endless possibilities, fed by the games I discovered through them. Although imperfect and mostly made of colored cubes, those helped me image more and more universe to dwelve into.

Around 14 I had the chance to take programming classes, that was when I discovered I could also ask the machine to do what I wanted. For some reasons, my teachers where trying hard to understand why my code was working when it was absolutely bonkers but for me it was magical and unique. From this moment, I was able to build anything I could imagine if I tried hard enough.

I'm not a developer now, but I think, deep in my heart I'm still a tinkerer, and it something that never left me throughout the years. I'm still spending my week-ends tweaking programs, gadgets, this website, my server, ... and nothing brings me more joy than this. Sometimes you have to look back to understand what exactly makes you happy and for me it's simple: fixing things.

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Simon - Nithou

Simon - Nithou

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