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Starting the engine and changes

Like I said previously, I love tinkering and I've spent quite some time on this blog. You might have seen some changes, that's because I've transformed this little blog in a tiny blog engine open to anyone. It relies on markdown files and was made to be easily installable anywhere you want as long as there's a php server.

It's really light (around 220kb), gives space to customisation and is totally RGPD compliant as it uses no script, cookies or whatever you see everywhere. Also you won't need to open any terminal window nor install node, ruby or whatever. Just have a FTP access to your server, drop your markdown files and it's done and updated.

I've added some tweaks for this blog, like a small fade of the text as long as you go. I wanted something to represent how my mind slowly forget things the longer they are back in time (don't worry this doesn't happen in the RSS feed).

I liked the metaphor so I wanted to implement it here only as this little space on the Internet represent a part of my mind and experiences. So for those who pass by here, this is me waving through the window and hoping you'll have a pleasant time here!

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Simon - Nithou

Simon - Nithou

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