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The City

The city is enclosed by mountains. A large river runs through it where small boats come and go, taking people wherever they want for a slow stroll around the riverbed. The air is calm, you only hear the noises of people talking, birds singing and the occasional bicycle ringing.

The city has a round shape, no street is a perfect angle, they swirl and turn all around the city, surprising you at every turn. The city center is divided by the river, offering on one side a small forest hosting a single building where an orchestra plays almost all day long and on the other side a small port where the boats can be attached.

The houses in this city are built with big stones and wood, each house tells a story century old, of people that lived and left. Inside those house it's warm and welcoming, no door is locked because no lock is needed in this city. Each person has its house, nobody is left on the street and while there are no locks, people pay attention to each other's privacy and peace of mind.

Each house hosts its owner universe. When you open a door, you are suddenly surround by unique smells, sounds and colours. While each house hosts its music, once the doors are closed the street are calm, bursting only with the sounds of life. Each house is its own universe, each encounter a travel into someone's mystery.

If you visit this city you might find the sun shining and a small breeze touching your face, as the city seems to be stuck inside an eternal autumn. The only way to really tell the seasons is by watchings the trees and their changing colours. There might be some rain, but just light enough to leave you the time to hurry back to your house or to a coffee shop nearby.

There you would find confortable chairs, heavy cushions. The coffee shops are usually filled with wooden libraries and used books. You can spend an afternoon there without seeing the time goes by. They are places to discuss, places to read and enjoy the calm and while you might hear some conversations going on, no one feels the need to yell. The background sound of all those conversations tend to melt to a pleasing background sound that relax your mind just enough as you drift to sleep. Only to be woken up by a gentle waiter telling you it's time to go home

The night fell, the street lightens as you walk through them. Outside of the light around you, the city is just dark enough that you can see the stars and take the time to realise how small we are in this universe. You might see some lights moving around you as other people walk the streets to enjoy the night or go home. Some might go to the theater to discover movies from all around the world, others might enjoy a night at the restaurant, or spend some time with their friends or extended family.

While the night is calm, the city never feels threatening. You might encounter other dreamers, exchange some pleasant words and go your own way, you might walk in solitary around the streets while knowing you are not really alone. As you walk, some places are still open, offering warm and company for the occasional lone traveller.

Some places host small orchestras, people playing calmly without any need to overdo it. You can sit around the musicians and let your mind drift around the notes. And when time comes and you feel tired, make your way to your home and slowly fall asleep inside your cocoon.

When the morning comes, you won't be disturbed by alarm sounds as everyone wakes in their own time. People work, but on things they're passionate about and with no need for strict schedules. They are able to build beautiful projects without having to satisfy some invisible stakeholders. Work finally feels like something you do because it makes you feel good, not something you're forced to do if you just want to live.

Old people walk around the city, some of them making other people smiles as they talk to the invisible souls of the departed. Without pressure anyone can take the time to talk with them, get a piece of their history. And when it's time for one of them to go, they are never forgotten as they live on through the stories they told through the city.

You might sit on a wooden bench and encounter couples of every age, colours, gender, ... people as warm and welcoming as their house. You would hear the sound of lives lived, of people coming and going and the occasional cat sitting on your lap as if they had knew you for years.

Closing your eyes and surrounding you with the sounds and smells of this city life, you would be able to let go and finally feel calm. And when you'd open your eyes, you would find yourself in front of a colourful door. It's your house, your small universe in this vibrant community. You'll never know if it has always been there or if it just appeared, you only known that it's been waiting for you.

And as you step in, the door closes behind you letting you enjoy this time with yourself.

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