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Wedding Day

This week-end I got married to a wonderful man who's life I've been sharing for almost six years now. It was a small ceremony surrounded by our close family and our witnesses. While it was more an administrative step (as we'll celebrate with all our friends later on this year), I was quite surprised by the emotions I felt going through this big step of my life.

Growing up with depression I never thought I'd live really long, nor was I expecting it. Therefore I never really gave a thought about future plans for a long long time. Getting married is a big step for me and a way to say that with him, I can finally imagine getting old and building a future.

It was really strange and powerful to be surrounded by so much love for this important part of my life and I'm still feeling a lot of those moments. I never thought taking this steps would change anything in my life, but I must admit that those last days being able to call him my husband truly feel different. And giving the state of the world, it feels damn nice to feel this much joy.

Our two hands intertwined

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Simon - Nithou

Simon - Nithou

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